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the new single, 'on & on' by London based
LGBTQ+ artist sam Pearce will be released on 17/02/21
Created in collaboration with Denmark's ultimate pop producer Fred Miller, 'ON & ON' features hugely luscious synths and bass lines backed with strong beats to create a punchy uplifting perfect synth/dance pop song.
Writing about an old
relationship, Sam delves into the
anxiety that followed him 
around for years after he'd left
his ex and how he could never
shake off the hold that they had
on him. This song is his letter to
the past showing that he is
stronger than he thinks and that
he will move on and be better
for it all even though the
emotions feel as if they go on
and on and on... with a surprise
gospel choir at the end to
support him through this
moment of inner strength.
Sam Pearce No Text medium.jpg
Sam says "you'll love ‘On & On’ if you agree with any of the following statements:
  • Thinks Katy Perry & Sigrid have endless bops
  • Likes to have a good moan about exes
  • Thinks guitars & synths are still cool
  • Believes that there's always a section BEGGING for a gospel choir"
SAM PEARCE, a South London boy with a love for synth/dance pop music that has no bounds, who likes to sing and write lyrics about boys, feelings, self worth and more boys…
With previous releases being featured on BBC Introducing as well as being listed as ‘Artist of the Week’ on BBC Radio, Sam is already solidifying his place as an out and proud LGBTQ+ voice within the Pop world whilst pushing for diversity and acceptance at every turn.
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download song and artwork here:

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download hi-res photos here:

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