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Sam Pearce SET TO RELEASE NEW SINGLE 'Begging you'

the new single, 'BEGGING YOU' by London based LGBTQ+ artist sam Pearce will be released on 20/10/21
The lovesick pop/rock anthem 'BEGGING YOU' features hugely luscious synths and bass lines backed with live drums and loud guitars supporting Sam's heartbreak vocal
A huge emotional pop breakup anthem for introverts. As a shy person with low confidence, BEGGING YOU is a chance for Sam to lay his feelings out when he doesn't feel he has a voice in the real world. It's about someone who was once a friend and could've been more until things became complicated. It's trying figure out if there's still a chance of a future together & begging for forgiveness for not making his feelings clear before. It's his chance to shout as loud as he can about how he truly feels.
Extroverted music for introverted people. SAM PEARCE, a South London boy with a love for pop music, power ballads and huge guitar riffs. A shy, introverted person who has realised that music is his voice, something he doesn’t have much of in the real world. His songs are his chance to shout out how he really feels. Originally a backing singer for shows including The Xfactor & The Voice, Sam had enough of standing at the back of the stage and wanted some of that spotlight for himself.

With previous releases being featured on
BBC Introducing as well as being listed as ‘Artist of the Week’ on BBC Radio, Sam is already solidifying his place as an out and proud LGBTQ+ voice within the Pop world whilst pushing for diversity and acceptance at every turn and is now featured as Pride in Music's 'Ones to Watch' for 2021.
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download song and artwork here:

Begging You Artwork release.jpg

download hi-res photos here:

Sam Red + Black.jpg
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